Vehicle Fleet Management

First Five Management & Associates, Inc.

  • Is your vehicle fleet management taking up too much of your time and resources?
  • Are you frustrated from reliably managing your vehicle fleet due to inaccurate, incomplete or late information?
  • Are you unable to properly and cost-effectively manage your vehicle costs?
  • Are you burdened by ballooning vehicle maintenance and repair costs?
  • Are your sales and operations hampered by vehicle problems?
  • Is maintaining your vehicle fleet becoming an increasingly difficult & time consuming operation?

Free yourself of all fleet worries and problems!

Concentrate instead your time and resources on your business core competencies as well as enhance your company's productivity with our comprehensive First Five Fleet Management Program

Our Fleet Management Program will oversee, monitor and control your repair & maintenance costs to a minimum and ensure that your company cars and delivery vans run dependably & efficiently.

Fleet Outsource

With our Fleet Management Program, you:

Reduce maintenance and operational costs
Minimize vehicle downtime
Eliminate worries over vehicle reliability
Maximize employee productivity and efficiency
Increase employee satisfaction

With our comprehensive Fleet Management Program, you receive:

A dedicated 24/7 available Fleet Coordinator.

A professional, fleet management Liaison Officer assigned to answer queries, recommend necessary repairs, monitor on-going services, and perform other functions to minimize vehicle downtime, avoid unnecessary repairs, and control maintenance costs.

A dedicated Vehicle Fleet Management System [VFMS]

A comprehensive, cloud-based Fleet Management System to keeps track of your entire Fleet's Preventive Maintenance schedules, expenses including labor and parts details; total purchases, fuel consumption, and other critical information necessary for management and budgeting purposes.

L.T.O. Registration & Emission Testing Services

We will manage your Fleet's LTO Registration and mandatory Emission testing requirements as well as remind your vehicle assignees, relieving you of this burdensome and recurring administrative workload.

Regular Preventive Maintenance Service Reminders

Service reminders will be sent out timely and consistently to your vehicle assignees a month before their vehicles' scheduled preventive maintenance service.

Insurance Claims Assistance

Our Fleet Management staff will be available 24/7 to assist with motor vehicle accident claims. They can provide copies of the Vehicle's Official Receipt (O.R.) and Certificate of Registration (C.R.) copy of the assignee's driver's license, accident repair estimate, pictures of the damage, stencils of chassis and motor numbers, accident affidavit. We can then submit all these to your Insurance Company and assist in the expeditious approval of the claim.

Vehicle Maintenance & Educational Training Programs

We can conduct trainings for your vehicle assignees on Preventive Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Defensive Driving, and other useful programs. We can also conduct driving tests for new vehicle assignees prior to release of vehicles to them.

Vehicle Purchases and Disposal

We can assist with vehicle purchases, and pre-acceptance inspections of your new vehicles. We can also do Used Car Evaluation Fair Market Valuation on your vehicles for disposal.

Fleet Discounts

You may avail of premium discounts on Ziebart / CarSavers products and services. Such discounts can also be extended to your employees on their personal cars.


Our Fleet Management Program comes with our comprehensive, cloud-based application

Simple and Easy-to-Use

Managing a fleet is hard.
VFMS application removes complexity and keeps you focused on what's important.

Centralized Vehicle Database

Stop using spreadsheets.
Save everything about your fleet in the cloud and access it from anywhere.

Role-Based Access Control

Fleet management is a collaborative effort.
Keep everyone in the loop with VFMS.

Stay on top of everything

Regular service reminders will be sent out timely and consistently
to all your vehicle assignees a month before their:
1. vehicle's scheduled preventive maintenance service
2. vehicle's registration / driver's license renewal

Free yourself from fleet worries and problems!
Contact us to know more about our customizable vehicle fleet management outsourcing program.