Vehicle Fleet Management

First Five Management & Associates, Inc.


Vehicle Registration

We will manage your fleet's LTO registration & Smoke Emission requirements - as well as remind your assignees of these well ahead of time.


Regular Preventive Maintenance Service Reminders

Our Fleet Coordinator will also remind your vehicle assignees well before their car’s preventive maintenance service schedule - via email or SMS.


Prompt Repair & Service Coordination

We will coordinate preventive maintenance services and repairs required by your fleet with your accredited shops. We can also help in accrediting new repair facilities.


Insurance Claim Assistance

Our Fleet staff will look after your fleet's accident claim processing and documents. They will work with your insurance broker towards the least costly and most expeditious processing of claims.


Fuel Management

Through data supplied by your fuel provider, we can monitor the fuel consumption per vehicle allowing you to better manage fuel cost.


Receiving of Vehicles

We will see to it that all brand new vehicles that have been delivered are thoroughly checked and all accessories / tools are complete.


Conduct Driving Evaluation Test

Before issuance of company car to new employee, our fleet coordinator may conduct simple, written and actual, driving tests to ensure new car assignees really knows how to drive.


Vehicle Purchases and Disposal

We can assist with vehicle purchases, and delivery. For nominal fee, we also offer, through CarSavers, Used Car Evaluations and Fair Market Valuation on vehicles for disposal


Shipment of Vehicles

We can arrange and coordinate the shipment of your vehicles from Manila to provincial destination and vice versa.


Data Management

Processing, updating and filing of fleet documents; from assigning new cars to employees, requests for repair or service vehicles, and other related documentation.


Dedicated Fleet Management Personnel

A full time 24/7 Fleet Coordinator and staff can be assigned to manage your fleet requirements. They may be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a hotline number.


Vehicle Fleet Management System

A comprehensive, computerized Fleet Management System to track of your entire Fleet's Preventive Maintenance, LTO registration schedules and expenses - labor and parts details, total purchases and other critical information necessary for management and budgeting purposes.